Port Facilities
Berth 01 berth with 4 berthing & 6 mooring dolphins
Vessel LOA 111 to 232 m
Parcel size upto 46000 MT
DWT 6000 to 60000 MT
Depth at jetty 14M below chart Datum
Draft Max 11.8M
Cargo capacity ~4.9 MMTPA
Loading Arms 8 Nos. with connecting pipelines
Tankages 37 tanks with 4.80 lac KL of capacity.
Type of Product handled Class A, B, general, petroleum etc.
Tankers per day Tanker loading capacity: 300 to 350 tankers per day
Terminal Facilities

Facility in operation since year 2000.

Two gantries with 28 bays for tanker loading of Atmospheric Products.

Two gantries with 16 bays for tanker loading of Pressurized Products.

Internal/external floating roof, Double wall storage, fix roof, dome roof tanks, spheres.

Jetty pipeline (07 carbon steel, 05 stainless steel and 01 LTCS).

DCS (Distributed Control System) based Tank Farm Management System to control plant operation and support systems/ commercial functions covered with SAP System.

High vessel discharge and loading rates with 24*7 operation.

High capacity export pumps to ensure minimum turnaround time.

Nitrogen blanketing facilities in tanks.

Flare stack for incineration of hydrocarbon vapours.

4 computerized weighbridges with 1 nos. of 80MT, 2 nos. of 60MT each and one no. 40MT Capacity.

Currently GCPL provides two major means of transportation for the products

Ratio of products transported currently via road Tankers and Pipelines